A widely establishedmanufacturer.

A passionate team and high-standing expertise are the foundation of a perfect stainless steel environment creation process. Qualified to bring your satisfaction to the fore of everything they do, MStainless’s team has all the necessary skills and experience to quickly and efficiently answer every single question that may arise.

We use high-performance equipment for every manufacturing stage:

  • Software: Autocad and Solid Edge

  • Machinery: Hydraulic and mechanical cutting machine, hydraulic punching machine, hydraulic press, belt-polishing machine, straight grinder, etc.



As leading experts in the stainless steel product manufacturing field, we know that great results rely on quality equipment. Every machine we buy and install in our plant uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure the best end-use product.


The core of our business :stainless steel.

Our job is stainless steel. To prevent any potential contamination, our highly experienced team works in a stainless-steel-only environment where absolutely no other metal comes in. Everyone knows every single technical specification about stainless steel, which helped us earn the trust and satisfaction of over 1,000 clients.


A huge andsophisticatedmanufacturing plant.

A family-owned business for over 40 years.

In business since 1975, MStainless counts over 40 years of know-how and expertise in the stainless steel parts and products manufacturing field.

With a strong desire to provide quality stainless steel products at a low price, the business creator dove head first into this great challenge. The business slowly growing, MStainless found the best engineers, welders and designers and gained all the required experience to take base in a cutting-edge machine equipped plant of over 10,000 square feet.

Over 40 years later, the company still has the same objective, providing our clients with full satisfaction. We never stop refining the expertise at the foundation of our reputation and our solid business relationship with our clients.

Trust our qualified team to design and manufacture the stainless steel part or product that you need!

Supremeafter-sales assistance.


We guarantee your full satisfaction even when our design and manufacturing work is completed.

We offer a 1-year warranty on all the products we make. This warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials under normal use. Should anything happen during the warranty period, we will repair or replace your product, free of charge.


There are multiple grades of stainless steel ideal for distinct environments. The certificate of authenticity is a guarantee that your product is made of specific stainless steel. It also certifies the exact percentage of every stainless steel element. This way, you are sure that your product is made of the perfect material for the intended application.

The certificate of authenticity also confirms that your product was treated with a passivation or electropolishing technique, if needed, to improve its resistance to corrosion.


Passivation helps create an oxide coating, which improves the stainless steel resistance to corrosion. Passivation occurs naturally, but an acid treatment can turn out to be necessary to accelerate and support the process.

Passivation consists of sinking the product in nitric acid, which is truly effective to passivate stainless steel surfaces. It also improves the passive layer’s quality and thickness and protects your product from corrosion.


To help improve the quality of the stainless steel used in product manufacturing, we perform a technique called electropolishing.

Consisting of sinking a product in acid, in which an electrical current is directed, electropolishing helps give a smooth and easy-to-clean finish. This also contributes to minimizing the risk of dirt and other deposits sticking to the surface.