Years of experience and state of the art technology translate into quality craftsmanship and great results in every product we build for you.


MStainless uses only the highest quality materials available.  From 304 stainless steel to 316 stainless our materials are certified from the manufacturing plants we use.


From our engineers to our finishers we check and double check every step of the fabrication process to ensure your specifications are precisely met.


At MStainless we build products to last. Our engineers and designers ensure that your products are built with functionality and strength.


Our 10,000 square foot plant is filled with state of the art machinery.  From the latest design programming to the newest in punch equipment.


We fabricate a variety of products for many diverse industries, including clean room labs and  pharmaceutical environments, as well as other commercial industries.

MStainless Quality

Latest Technologies

Our engineers use the latest in design programming to help you see exactly what we are fabricating.  This enables us to build your product faster.

Established Methodologies

When it comes to methodology we know what works and what doesn’t.  We have developed methodologies that we know work for building the best quality products for you.

Experience Matters

MStainless has been in business for over 35 years.  We have fabricated products for a vast variety of different industries.  We know that experience matters to you.


At MStainless, we know that craftsmanship is important.  Our experienced workforce know how to build your products to be both esthetically pleasing and functional.

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We build superior products.  We take your requirements and add exceptional design capability and state of the art technology to build products that meet or exceed your expectations.

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At MStainless, we are a results driven company.  We know that a happy and satisfied customer is the most important thing to building a strong business relationship.

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