Stainless Steel Ladders for Industrial Settings

Stainless Steel Ladders for Industrial Settings

Stainless steel ladders are used in industrial settings.  From a basic step ladder to an elaborate double safety ladder, MStainless will design a ladder perfect for every customer.

Step stools are a standard two steps high but they can be constructed in many different sizes.  All of the step stools are constructed of 304 construction grade stainless steel.  It is a great look for a step stool, since MStainless uses no slip perforated stainless steel and then polishes the stool in a satin finish.  Rubber tip feet are placed on the bottom of the stool, allowing for a grip on floors while in use.

Stainless Steel Ladder

Stainless steel ladders designed for use in industrial settings have to be sturdy, safe and long-lasting.  The safety ladders designed and built by MStainless are built with 2 to 5 steps and custom sizes are also available.  When choosing the safety ladder, customers have the choices between ladders with either a single or double set of stairs.  All of the ladders are made from 304 construction grade stainless steel and are rust proof and will not corrode even in work areas with high humidity.  Since handrails are essential on safety ladders, these are made of tubular stainless steel and welded together for added stability.  The ladders have rubber tip feet and the spring loaded casters retract when a load is placed on the ladder so that the ladder stays in place.

Our ladders and step stools last for years.  MStainless makes stools and ladders to meet and exceed all customers’ expectations.

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