Stainless Steel Sinks and Scratches

Stainless Steel Sinks and Scratches

When choosing to use stainless steel for products, for example stainless steel sinks, people have concerns about scratches appearing on the stainless steel.  Stainless steel is a combination of nickel and chrome, where chrome is a hard material while nickel is quite soft.  This combination can make the stainless steel more prone to scratches, both light and deep, than other materials used to make similar products.  Stainless steel, although it can scratch, will not rust.  This is because of the inherent resistance and strength of stainless steel does not allow for rusting to the surface.

Fine Scratches on Stainless Steel Sinks

Fro people who are bothered by fine scratches on stainless steel product or appliances, there are several ways to remove the scratches.  One option is to use a non-metallic abrasive pad and gently rub the area with the scratch.  Use long, smooth strokes and always ensure to follow the grain of the polish lines already on the stainless steel’s surface.

A simple way to remove light surface scratches is to rub a little bit of vegetable oil into the stainless steel.  Going with the grain, apply the vegetable oil with a paper towel and wipe the stainless steel dry with a clean paper towel.  Repeat this process on a regular basis to keep the surface looking new.

As well, there are commercial products designed to repair scratches in stainless steel.  Two of these products are Scratch-B-Gone and Bar Keeper’s Friend.  In most cases, these products work well at removing scratches, and by following the instructions for each product, all but the widest scratches will be successfully removed.

In order to clean stainless steel, many non abrasive cleaners are available.  When cleaning the appliances or furniture items made from stainless steel, people should always remember to clean in the direction of the grain.  By taking care when cleaning, the possibilities of scratches are much less likely to be of a concern.

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